eBay UK Summer 2013 Seller Release

Last week we discovered some of the changes coming to eBay UK in the Summer Seller Release, today we’ve got the full shebang and there’s so much good stuff compared to the small fees snippet revealed last week.

eBay are preparing for the Christmas season and their stated aim is to make it your best ever peak trading season. How do they aim to do this? With more free listings, more free cross border listings, more cross border trade help and by guiding sellers to give buyers what they want.

Yes there are fee changes and yes you’ll be paying fees on postage from September but to balance this some of the other fee changes are massively in seller’s favour. Here’s a list of what you need to know:

UK Fee Changes
Massive fee changes to all eBay shop subscriptions and for auction insertion fees

International Listings
You really want to read this and re-evaluate which eBay shop subscription is best for you. There’s free listings for featured shops, a new program with free assistance to get you started selling overseas and more free international site visibility

Picture Standards
12 free gallery images from the 1st of August but picture standards roll out 2 months later

New Returns Policy and New Managed Returns Process
eBay have a new returns policy which all business sellers will have to comply with. There’s also a new managed returns flow for less admin and easier final value fee refunds

Top Rated Seller Updates
Don’t forget the new Top Rated Seller qualification is mainly on the listing, not the account. We reveal one listing option that bypasses most of the new TRS requirements and another listing feature which will get your item banned from participation as a Top Rated listing.

Minor Updates
Buy It Now Immediate Payment tests
Category and Item Specific changes
New Feedback Protection
New Billing Agreement