eBay Seller Release – UK Fee Changes

The bad news is that eBay will start to charge fees on the total cost to buyers – i.e. fees charged on the sale price plus postage.

The good news is reduced final value fees, capped fees in some categories, more free listings for eBay shops sellers and reduced auction insertion fees for everyone.

Final Value Fees from 4th September 2013

New fee caps in many categories
Fees are now charged on postage


Current Final Value Fee

Final Value Fee from September

Clothes, Shoes & Accessories 12% 11%
Collectables 10% 9%
Consumer Electronics 5% 5% with a FVF Cap of £10
Furniture, Bath, Holidays & Travel 10% 10% with a FVF Cap of £40
Media 9% 9%
Tyres 8% 6% with a FVF Cap of £15
Vehicle Parts & Accessories and all other Electronics Vehicle Parts & Accessories 8%
and all other Electronics 5%
Watches 12% 11% with a FVF Cap of £50
All other categories 10% 10%

Insertion Fees from 4th September 2013

Flat rate auction insertion fees
Anchor Shop fee reduced from £349.99 to £249.99
More free listings for Basic and Featured Shops

Shop Subscription

Monthly shop Fee

Free Fixed Price Listings

Additional Fixed Price Listings

Sub 99p Auction Fee

£1 and over Auction Fee

No Shop £0 0 30p 10p 30p
Basic Shop £19.99 200 10p 5p 15p
Featured Shop £59.99 1200 5p 5p 15p
Anchor Shop £249.99 Unlimited Included 5p 15p

Finally don’t forget that from the 1st of August Top Rated Seller discounts are changing.

Top Tip: Move your P&P costs into your item selling price as the new eBay Top-rated seller discounts will be based on that price

That’s the fee changes that affect eBay UK listings out of the way. Now read our post on International Cross Border Trade as eBay have a ton of great news to share there include fee reductions.