eBay Seller Release – International Listings

eBay are reducing the cost of listing on overseas sites. There are already free listings for Anchor Shop subscribers and the great news is that the cost of an Anchor shop is dropping from £349.99 to £249.99 saving £100 per month.

More good news, up until today to qualify for International free listings with an Anchor shop you had to be a Top Rated Seller. eBay are now extending the offer to ALL sellers (Even if you’re not Top Rated).

Even more good news, from September eBay are giving International free listings for sellers with a Featured shop on three EU sites, eBay Australia and eBay.com. Featured shop subscribers will also get reduced insertion fees for all other eBay European sites.

Featured and Anchor Shop International Fixed Price Listing Fees

Shop Subscription

eBay Spain France and Italy

Rest of EU

eBay Australia


Featured Free insertion fees eBay Switzerland 0.05CHF
eBay Poland 0.05PLN
All other eBay EU sites 0.05€
200 free listings 500 free listings
Anchor Free insertion fees Free insertion fees Free insertion fees 2500 free listings

Quite frankly this is massive, it’s hard to figure out where to start when working out which eBay shop subscription to go for. We know that previously it made sense to have an Anchor shop with about 200+ EU and Australian listings but that’s come down significantly with the £100 subscription reduction. Many sellers won’t even need an Anchor shop as a featured shop is fantastically cost effective – Even without free eBay German listings, at €0.05 insertion fees plus free listings for France, Italy and Spain, a Featured store at £59.99 is great value.

Our advice is to figure out how many UK 30 day or Good til Cancelled listings you want, how many UK auctions you run each month, which International sites you want to list on and how many listings you’ll need and then run those figures for each shop level to get the best value for you.

Help selling Internationally – International Growth Programme

eBay are announcing a new International Growth Programme today powered by WebInterpret. We know that they’ve already been testing this program and sellers in the programme have seen their overseas sales grow by more than 25% in 2 months.

By taking part you’ll get your best-selling UK inventory listed on eBay’s top international sites for free, in the buyer’s native language optimised for eBay Search and on top of that you’ll get you’ll get free insertion fees for two months

There are limited spaces on the programme but on offer are:

  • Support identifying the right inventory to list internationally
  • 50 listings translated, created and optimised for eBay search on eBay top six international sites (France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia and the US
  • ZERO insertion fees on international listings for 2 months
  • A services to help synchronise stock quantities across multiple marketplaces
  • A translation service to help understand questions from international buyers and respond in the buyers native language

Even more help selling Internationally – Visibility

eBay are now expanding visibility of your listings to countries where eBay don’t have a local site. Listings will be shown to buyers in emerging markets such as Brazil and Russia and all you need to do to be included is accept PayPal and specify postage costs for a delivery service to these countries.