eBay Seller Release fee changes leaked

eBay InvoiceIt’s been rumoured that eBay will be changing their fee structure in the next seller release which is officially due to be published on the 30th of July.

What we can tell you is that fees will change to include postage. In the future eBay will charge fees on the total paid by the buyer, not just the final value fee. That’s the bad news out of the way. Also it’s not all bad, it’ll finally remove any incentive to gouge on postage and that will impact overseas sellers of the 99p item with £10 carriage a lot more than UK sellers charge sensible postage costs. On the plus side eBay have a whole load of fee changes coming down the line which will save you money.

Final Value fees will be reduced by 1% in some categories (CSA, Collectables, Tyres, and Watches). More importantly eBay are to introduce fee caps which will help a ton of sellers of high end products. Going back a few years when eBay removed tranched final value fees there were many complaints that fees for high ticket items were punitive for sellers. These caps will limit the total fees for Consumer Electronics (£10 cap), Furniture, Baths, Holidays & Travel (£40 cap), Tyres (£15 cap) and Watches (£50 cap).

Insertion fees will also be changing in business seller’s favour. Basic shop fixed price listing allowances will rise to 200 free listings on eBay UK and Featured shops will get 1200 free fixed price listings. Anchor shops already get free fixed price insertion fees but it’s rumoured that the monthly cost of an anchor store will be reduced.

For all shops, auction insertion fees will cost 5p for a start price of 99p or lower. For auctions with a start price over £1 the insertion fee will be a flat 30p without a shop or 15p with a shop. For the first time it makes sense to have an eBay shop for auction sellers from a pure fee perspective. Currently for higher end products auction insertion fees can cost up to £1.30 for items over £100 start price.

We know that there will be a ton of other changes in the seller release, but we’ll have to wait to the 30th to see what else is announced. In the mean time what we do know is that we can tear up the current assessment of what an eBay shop is worth. Once we have the full price change details we’ll do some analysis but it’s going to be complicated. From now on it won’t be a simple how many fixed price listings make which level eBay store the most attractive – it’ll include how many auctions you run as well of course as the free overseas listings already available for some Anchor shop subscribers.

We’ll have full details of the seller release the minute eBay make the information officially public on the 30th.