eBay are charging an extra £0.92 per listing

eBay imagesWith almost predictable timing, on the first day of the eBay discussion boards going down for planned maintenance eBay appear to have cocked up fees. That’s left sellers with nowhere on eBay to find out what’s going on.

When listing or editing eBay are adding “Picture Pack” fees to each listing adding 92p per listing to your eBay invoice. We don’t know how widespread the problem is, but it’s bad enough that there’s an automated message when you ring customer support.

Whilst we know how frustrating this is we have every confidence that eBay will rectify the issue and credit all associated fees back to your account, it’ll only become a problem if your eBay invoice becomes payable before the credits occur.

Check your fees when editing or listing, especially if you’re using a third party program for listing. Make sure that you’ve funds available to pay you invoice and watch out on the eBay Announcement board for more news (eBay have yet to post anything about the issue).

It’s worth noting that Picture Pack will no longer be available as of the 1st of August when all eBay listings will get up to 12 free gallery images.

We’d love to know how widespread the issue is, so if you’re affected or know of any other sellers that are please let us know in comments below.

1645hrs Edited to add: We’ve just heard from eBay. The issue has been resolved and you should no longer be charged incorrectly. eBay will be crediting any incorrectly charged fees (we’ll let you know when we have a date for the credits) and will be contacting every affected eBay seller to update them on the process.