Buy Now Search for eBay fixed price bargains

It’s not often on Tamebay we come across a completely new tool or service. Sure there are a ton of great products out there, but often when a new service comes along it’s an iteration of existing tools from other providers. It might have new features but it effectively does the same job.

Today however we’ve found Buy Now Search which discovers brand new recently listed fixed price items on eBay. We’ve not seen this before.

Buy Now Search hmMy first thought was why would I want to find new Buy It Now listings? The chances are that they’ll be on eBay for anything up to 30 days so I’ve plenty of time to discover them if I want to buy them. I have saved searches and even the new eBay Feed, so I already have options to find new products.

The thing is though sometimes an item is listed in fixed price format at a bargain price. At other times I may be searching for a rare item which may only be listed on eBay once a year. In these cases the first buyer to spot the item will probably have paid for it before I ever see the eBay listing.

That’s where Buy Now Search comes in, they’ll notify me within minutes of a new eBay listing that matches my saved search criteria.

There is a cost to use Buy Now Search, but it’s tiny! Each search will cost you one credit which is valued at £0.00001. If a matching product is found there’s a charge of ten credits (£0.0001). The cost of your searches depends upon the number of times your searches are run and the number of times your search matches an item.

By now you might be laughing at the cost, but if you have a broad search term in a top level eBay category then the millions of hits start adding up. You’ll also be getting a lot of emails arrive in your inbox. Buy Now Search has some advice on how to narrow your searches and of what type of searches will result in high charges.

Used judiciously Buy Now Search could find you some absolute bargains, either for yourself or potential products for resale at a profit. If you want to give the service a spin Buy Now Search offer a free trial which doesn’t expire so your search can stay live forever for free.