Royal Mail Tracked 48 is now a 72 hour service

eBay Postage OptionseBay have reclassified Royal Mail Tracked 48 standard service to an economy service. This is leading to a number of complaints from sellers in the same way that classifying Parcelforce 48 as a 1-2 day standard service is wrong.

It appears that whilst eBay have taken a very generous view that some Parcelforce 48 deliveries might be delivered within 24 hours, they’ve taken a more punitive view that Royal Mail Tracked 48 probably won’t be delivered until the third day after posting.

When eBay unilaterally change postage expectations it doesn’t help sellers and is misleading to buyers. Surely the fact that a service is called a “48 hour” service indicates that that is when it’s due to be delivered?

Express, Standard or Economy should be transit time AND handling time

Personally I think eBay just don’t understand postage and that their entire classification system is misleading. Earlier this year I purchased and £80 item delivered by Special Delivery, but even through the seller had a five day handling time it was still described as an “Express” service option. It’s time eBay started to classify postage as Express, Standard or Economy based on transit time AND service offered.

Give buyers transparent choice

I’m a great believer in giving buyers a choice and many sellers do their best to provide buyers with options. Sellers will attempt to give a priority quick delivery, a standard service and maybe also a money saving slower delivery. However there’s little point sellers doing their best to offer a choice of delivery options if eBay classify expected delivery times incorrectly making premium options look like they’ll be delivered in the same time scale as slower services.


eBay aren’t even being consistent. In one case they take an optimistic view that items will be delivered ahead of schedule and with the other hand they take the most pessimistic view that items will always be delivered late.

Would you like to see all so called “48 hour” delivery services treated as if they’ll be delivered within 48 hours, or are you happy to see eBay treat some as equivalent to 24 hour services and others treated as 72 hour services?