Identify eBay images smaller then 500 pixels

eBay imagesFrom the 1st of July on, and from some time in the Autumn on eBay UK, the new picture rules come into force on eBay. As well as eliminating decorations such as borders and text from images, there is a new requirement that all images be a minimum of 500 pixels on the longest side (it’s recommended that the longest side be 1600 pixels).

ISDNtekI’ve been complaining that it’s unfair of eBay to put in place a new requirement such as this without providing a tool for sellers to identify which images need updating. eBay still don’t have a tool, but the lovely guys at ISDN*tek have created one.

You can run the new ISDN*tek tool to find active listings that fail to comply with eBay’s image-size policy. There’s also an option to resize and stretch existing images to meet the new sizes, although as that is likely to result in significant loss of quality it’s not advisable. It’s better to reshoot images and replace with new product shots.

As well as identifying undersized images the ISDN*tek tool will report the sizes of all your eBay gallery images giving you a colour coded report.

ISDNtek image sizes

Great tool, shouldn’t take too long to run against your listings if you only have a few hundred, but if you have thousands of listings it may take several hours to complete. The maximum number of listings the tool can handle is 10,000 so it should be good for all bar the largest sellers.

Great job ISDN*tek! Shame on you eBay for not providing sellers with a tool to identify picture compliance in the first place.

As well as their new image tool, ISDN*Tek have a suite of great products suitable for eBay and the web, have a browse on their website and see if any could be of use to you.