How to stop your laptop overheating

iGo Laptop Cooling PadThe sun is out and it looks like being a glorious day, but many of us in the ecommerce world are stuck in our warehouses struggling to stay cool.

Stop thinking about yourself though, check out your laptop. Is it overheating and the fan whirling like mad? It’s not just humans that suffer you know, an over-heated laptop can seriously shorten it’s lifespan.

Now the eBay daily deals claim to have come up with the solution – a laptop USB Powered Cooling Pad with moveable fan that you can position it right under the hot zone of the laptop.

I don’t know if this will work, but it kind of makes sense that increasing airflow around a laptop’s hot spot will increase cooling, and at just £9.99 for the iGo Laptop Cooling Pad it’s worth a punt. Don’t worry about extra cables, it’s powered direct from your laptop USB port so when you turn your laptop off you turn the fan off.