Green Party leader Natalie Bennett: eBay will defeat Amazon

eBay has discovered an unusual political ally in the Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett. In a recent interview with London Loves Business.

Bennett said in the interview: Amazon is built on the basis, as we’re now aware, of huge tax avoidance.” And added: “My answer to Amazon is eBay. I know eBay doesn’t pay their taxes either, but eBay can meet all of the needs of Amazon but it’s based on millions of small traders and on second hand sales. Ultimately, the eBay model will defeat the Amazon model and that’s a good thing.”

“If Amazon is made to pay its taxes,” according to Bennett “and if it’s made to pay its workers properly, then I suspect you’ll find its economic model starting to shift around.”

Of course, Bennett is on shaky ground for a number of reasons. Whilst eBay is indeed the home to many SMEs, its focus is increasingly on bigger retailers. And, needless to say, second hand sales on eBay are a diminishing part of the marketplace. Despite political pressure, the government would have to change the law to stop companies such as Amazon and Google to amend their practices, and this government doesn’t seem keen to shift yet (if indeed it can.)