eBay feedback protection for Russia & Brazil

Russia and Brazil FlagseBay want you to sell to Russia and Brazil as they’re two of the fastest growing emerging markets in the world. Despite recent unrest, Brazil is going to get a double boost to their economy over the next few years hosting both the 2014 Football World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics.

eBay say that consumers in these countries are already looking to eBay and that Russian shoppers bought more than $400 million in goods from eBay sellers in 2012. eBay now also makes it easy for Russian and Brazilian consumers, showing only items that ship to their country and for Russia, translating to Russian language and currency.

Feedback Protection for Russia and Brazil

As an added incentive to offer your items and great service to buyers in Russia and Brazil, eBay now offers extra feedback and seller performance rating protection from any customs delays. If one of your Russian or Brazilian buyers files an eBay Buyer Protection case and leaves leaves a seller negative or neutral feedback, or a low detailed seller rating related to postage time or not receiving an item, eBay will remove all feedback for the transaction if you resolved the issue promptly with the buyer.

Resolving the transaction means the seller has refunded the buyer, or the buyer has voluntarily closed the Buyer Protection case. That does of course mean that you need to communicate with your buyer and successfully resolve the complaint (do you speak Russian or Portuguese?).

If you want to sell to Russia and Brazil simply make sure that these countries are included in the postage details section of your listings and specify postage costs and they’ll show up for buyers in these countries automatically.