eBay.com lower fees for Coins, Paper Money and stamps

North Korea StampFrom the 27th of June eBay have announced that final value fees will be reduced for listings on eBay.com and eBay.ca in the two categories.

If you sell in Coins & Paper Money the new final value fee will be 6% (reduced from 7%) and for Stamps 6% (reduced from 9%). Sadly that won’t be much help for sellers outside the US and Canada as you have to have a eBay.com Store subscription in order to qualify for the fee reductions. All sellers without a store subscription will continue to pay 10% in final value fees.

eBay only just changed their final value fees for their North American sites on the 1st of May, although the changes were announced in March. It’s unusual to see fees tweaked so soon after a major seller release and fee update, so the higher fees must have been impacting sales on the site.

Good news however if you’re a coins or stamp seller with a US store subscription!