Will you qualify for TRS discount in August?

There are only a couple of months left until eBay’s Seller Release discount changes come into effect. Currently Top Rated Sellers enjoy discounts of 10%, 15% or 20% (dependant on PowerSeller level), but in the Autumn this will change to 15% discount on final value fees for listings which qualify as Top Rated.

The big question is are you reliant on the discounts for the profitability of your business? I hear many complaints that eBay are taking away the discounts or that sellers simply can’t qualify for them, for example if they’re not based in the UK so can’t offer a one day delivery service.

Whilst discounts are definitely valued, sellers shouldn’t rely on them to run their businesses however. eBay have offered discounts over the past years purely as a means to influence seller behaviour. Once enough sellers are performing as eBay desire they’ve no need to continue the discount and stop offering them.

It’s not obvious that eBay end discounts as they generally announce them as a change. It’s similar to if you have excess stock which you need to clear and your competitors are offering a lower price. You may decide to run a promotion or hold a sale, but once your competitors run out of stock you’ll almost certainly put your prices back up.

eBay are acting similarly – they’ll offer discounts when it suits their business and withdraw them when they consider them no longer necessary.

Will you qualify for the Top Rated discounts from Autumn? eBay are already offering an additional 5% discount if you adjust your listings to meet the new requirements. The discount runs until the end of July. Have you edited your listings or do you intend to, or will you wait until the Autumn when you’ll lose your discount before you act?