eBay promise fast free delivery over holidays

Fast and FreeWhat’s wrong with this screen shot taken of an item offered for sale on eBay yesterday evening? Yes that’s right, the seller is on holiday but eBay are still offering Fast and Free shipping with a delivery date of the 28th May.

There are two issues here – firstly the holiday notice is simply a small orange strip above the picture if you’re buying on mobile. I have to admit not spotting a holiday setting last week and then wondering why my purchase took a week to arrive – not the fault of the seller, it’s the way eBay display the message.

It’s not much bigger if you’re buying on the main eBay site (see image below). Having hoped that your potential buyers have spotted your holiday settings notification, eBay are now promising Fast and Free shipping with delivery by the 28th May.

The real problem here is when we check on the full eBay site and see what date this particular seller is returning from their holiday. They’re not due back from holiday until the 3rd of June, but eBay are promising delivery by the 28th of May.

Holiday Settings on eBay

If you are about to take some time off over the Bank Holiday and School Half Term in the UK, or Memorial Day Weekend in the US, check your eBay holiday settings but also check your listings and see what eBay are telling you customers.

At a rough estimate 40% of eBay customers are now buying on mobile devices. They see your fast and free delivery promise but even if they notice a tiny orange message at the top of their screen, there’ll be nothing to indicate the promised delivery date isn’t the date their purchase will arrive.