Don’t buy it on eBay, buy on Amazon

Edge Funky Colourful High Gloss Lacquered TableJames at Freedom Home Store has a lovely table for sale on eBay. It’s an Edge Funky Colourful High Gloss Lacquered Table available in a number of colours and also in glass. If you’re an eBay user we would of course recommend that you buy it on eBay.

Naturally James was more than a little miffed to be checking his eBay messages to find an Amazon advert for the same table at a lower price than he sells them for!

We’re used to seeing adverts for everyone from the RAC and Virgin to Eurostar and Santander alongside eBay Messages, but surely it’s not in eBay’s interest for AdChoice to be showing adverts for Amazon? It really takes the biscuit when you advertise an Amazon product to a seller of the exact same item on eBay!

Amazon Ad on eBay