Are the products you import safe to sell?

CE markingThe Waltham Forest Guardian reports an eBay seller has been prosecuted for selling dodgy electronic cables, one of which blew all the fuses in the buyer’s house as well as frying his computer hard drive.

In this instance it was a USB cable and power adaptor that were at fault, but I’ve seen many examples including power cables with unsafe plugs and even power cables where the insulation snapped leaving bare wires the first time they were bent.

Did you know that as the importer of a product that you’re responsible for ensuring that it meets all relevant safety standards? Even if the samples you received were tested you should still be retesting actual production runs of products and not assuming that your supplier is delivering what you’re expecting. Just because something has a CE stamp doesn’t mean that it’s passed the relevant safety checks.

Alibaba carries a story along similar lines today, this time looking at how to ensure children’s toys meet the relevant standards. If you’re an importer what steps do you take to ensure that your products are safe?