Amazon UK Partnered Carrier Programme

Amazon FBA FeatAmazon tell us that they are constantly looking for ways to make Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) as simple and as cost effective as possible. To this end they have just introduced a Partnered Carrier Programme (PCP) in the UK now available to all UK sellers giving them access to preferred transportation rates negotiated by Amazon with well-known international carrier UPS. This will initially cover shipment of small parcels into Amazon Fulfilment Centres (FCs) in the UK from a UK address.

Benefits of the Partnered Carrier programme include:

  • Optimal service level with a carrier familiar with Amazon delivery appointments and inbound procedures. Amazon FCs will be able to process your shipments and make your inventory available for sale faster than before.
  • Very competitive pricing.
  • Amazon will take over responsibility for dealing with lost or damaged inventory in line with its standard FBA policy.
  • Increased visibility as UPS’ tracking number will automatically be linked to your shipment and appear in the shipping workflow. You will able to track your shipment in Seller Central from the time it leaves your premises until it is received by Amazon’s FC.
  • Easy sign up online during the shipment creation process and automatic billing at discounted rates
  • Very fast pick up times. Simple contact process with UPS for shipment pick up from your premises
  • No minimum commitment necessary. You can opt to use PCP on a per shipment basis

You should now be able to choose this option when you create your next shipment to an Amazon FC. Simply follow the step by step instructions in Seller Central. You will receive a fee estimate online once you input details of the consignment and can then decide if you wish to use the PCP for that particular shipment.

Amazon value feedback from their sellers. If after using the programme you have comments or suggestions about how they might improve it even further you can contact them at