Amazon launch “Login with Amazon”

I can sign into many sites with Facebook, Google, OpenID, Twitter, Apple ID, Disqus etc… but today there’s a new universal sign in option – I can Login with Amazon.

Log in with AmazonAmazon have launched “Login with Amazon”, a new service that will enable the over 200 million active Amazon customers to securely and simply login to apps, games, and websites.

It’s already live with Zappos and Woot both of which are Amazon companies. Zappos saw 40% of its new customers choose to sign-in to with an Amazon account. Woot found that new customers picked Login with Amazon twice as often as any other social login on their site, and those customers had the highest rate of order conversion.

As you’d expect Amazon have provided all the tools that developers will need with SDKs for the Web, Android and Apple IOS. The big question is do we need yet another universal log in?

The problem is that there are already so many competing solutions. Even on Zappos I have the option to Checkout with PayPal before I get to the log in screen where I’m offered the option to Login with Amazon.

Will you consider adding Login with Amazon to your website, does it add anything that for instance Facebook connect doesn’t and let’s not forget that Facebook adds a social sharing dimension to your site which Amazon doesn’t.

Perhaps one day there will be one universal standard login or of course I could resort to a password management app instead.