This was not a “Spectacular” weekend purchase

I don’t like complaining, but I’m really annoyed with one of the two purchases I made from the eBay Weekend Spectacular sale a few days ago.

Not newWhen buying a new product you expect it to be new and that’s not just the product but also the retail packaging. That wasn’t the case for the garden hose I purchased from the eBay Weekend Spectacular. The box is a cut, shortened, bent over and taped up and certainly it’s now no good as the birthday gift it was intended for.

I can’t be bothered to send it back, the cost was only £11.89 including carriage, I don’t want to argue about who pays the return costs, I don’t even want to argue about whether “new” should include “new” packaging or not. Instead I’ll use the hose myself instead of giving it as a birthday present and remain an unhappy customer.

This isn’t the first time I’ve received products with damaged packaging, I had a similar experience buying from Amazon in December. I’m simply fed up with receiving what I’d consider to be damaged goods or seconds.

The thing is though if this is happening on eBay promoted “Spectacular” weekend just how many times does it happen to other buyers? How many times are buyers receiving goods on eBay which are less than “Spectacular” and unhappy with their purchases? How many times are buyers simply ignoring eBay as a great place to buy online?

If you’re a seller don’t ship sub-standard goods described as “new”. If the goods aren’t new then sell them as distressed or second hand or auction off sub-standard items instead of shipping them as new.

If I was in a shop I’d ask for a discount for goods with damaged packaging or if it was a purchase for a birthday present make sure I’d pick an item without damage. Sellers should give the same service and only ship items as new if they’re pristine.

eBay say that they want to “Bring the best of retail to online shopping” with a great visual experience, fast and flexible delivery options and no chance of any risks or surprises. They’re doing what they can to assist and guide sellers to do this but sellers have to do their bit too.

I have to add… apologies to all the great sellers I know who wouldn’t dream of shipping items as new in ripped, torn or soiled packaging. But shame on the sellers that do as they’re spoiling the marketplace for all the great sellers.