How to build a warehouse office space

Having shared a warehouse with my mate John for many years, we’ve worked through a fair few winters together in temperatures which to call “chilly” were an understatement. Although I no longer work from the warehouse I’ve been replaced by John’s lovely wife Nicola, who put her foot down, installed herself as project manager and said it was time to build a proper office space.

John called me back in and after a ton of wood and plasterboard was delivered on Friday we got cracking to build a cozy office on Saturday morning. It had to be done in a single weekend as it’s a working warehouse and there are orders to pick and pack on Monday morning. The office was built in a day leaving Sunday to put the desks back and figure out which wire was supposed to go to which computer!

If you’ve no idea how to build an office here’s our step by step guide!

Start building a frame with a cup of tea in hand

Office Build 1 Office Build 2

Build another two frames for the ends – leave room for a door!

Office Build 3 Office Build 4

Stand the frames up and screw them together

Office Build 5 Office Build 6

Fit the roof beams and get the roof panels up and screwed down

Office Build 7 Office Build 8

Fit the side panels, hang the door,lay carpet tiles and get the computers hooked up

Office Build 9 Office Build 10

I spoke to John this morning on the phone and he told me it was too hot and they’d had to turn the radiator down! The warehouse team are warm as toast in their new office and the only problem is no one wants to go out into the warehouse to pick and pack the stock!

If you are after an office then John and I are available at extortionate rates plus plenty of bacon rolls (veggie version for John please!) and cups of tea. Alternatively just follow the steps above to create a toasty warm office in a corner of your warehouse.