Easy Social Shop Social Commerce solution

Facebook is proving a tough nut to crack for retailers with so called “f Commerce” so far failing to live up to it’s name. Whilst it’s great for social engagement, actually shifted product on Facebook is proving a harder goal to achieve.

Easy Social ShopNow a new start up, Easy Social Shop, aims to at least make getting your products onto Facebook and then promoting them to your friends easier. If you have an eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Shopify & Magento then in just three clicks you can set up an Easy Social Shop Facebook store, although if you don’t currently have a Facebook Page you’ll also need to set that up first.

Best of all Easy Social Shop is totally free, so getting your products onto Facebook won’t cost you a penny. It then enables fans and friends to purchase your products and more importantly makes products easy to share. With “Want” and “Own” buttons you, your friends and fans can expose your products on the Facebook Timeline and Ticker. All sales will of course take place on the marketplace the product is listed on.

At Tamebay we’re not convinced that a Facebook shop is going to make a massive difference to your business overnight. However we know there are lots of retailers out there not sure how to start engaging with Facebook, and Easy Social Shop will enable you to get your products onto Facebook and at least let your fans know what you have to sell. It can also form the base to allow you to judiciously share products in between your normal Facebook chat.

You can open your shop directly from the Easy Social Shop Facebook app, or by visiting their website.