Are eBay changing their search algorithms?

Auction with BINI’ve had a couple of people mention recently that sales patterns on eBay seem to be variable. Normally that’s indicative of only one thing, eBay are testing or changing the way items are surfaced in search results.

The latest tip comes from Whirly, he spotted what appears to be an unusually high number of Auctions with BIN (Buy It Now) option in search results. You’ll only notice them on a search which you restrict to Buy It Now items only, but there are a lot of auctions in there.

From checking a few searches what’s most apparent is that a lot of newly listed Auction with BIN option are getting to the top of search results. If you’re not currently listing in Auction format it may be worth experimenting with, even if a buyer narrows their search to fixed price offers they’ll still see your auction so long as you add the BIN listing enhancement.

Have you seen any fluctuations in sales which could suggest eBay are tinkering with search results, or has nothing changed and we’ve only just spotted the high proportion of newly listed auctions in fixed price search results?

If you sell in Auction format and you habitually add the BIN option let us know if you’ve seen an increase in sales.