I got the eBay ID I’ve always wanted!

eBay ChrisWe wrote last week that eBay are deleting dormant accounts, Dan got an email warning him that if he didn’t log in then his account would be deleted.

Today I was the beneficiary of this program and am the proud owner of an eBay ID I’ve been watching for over a year, patiently waiting for the day it could be mine. I have to say I’m really chuffed and of course I’ve not been able to resist bidding on a load of auctions this evening to get some use out of my new name.

I didn’t really need it for any business related reason, I’ve put it on one of my personal accounts. I only set the account up last year just to re-acquaint myself with the eBay sign up process, but now it’ll become my main buying account. I’ve already signed into the eBay Android App with the renamed ID on my smartphone, so any mobile purchases in future will be on this account.

And the User ID I’ve been coveting… well if you hadn’t guessed by now it’s obvious really, eBay now know me as “Chris“!