eBay Weekly Deal: Buy from my website

There’s a typical school boy error on one of this week’s eBay Deals, and one that, even if the retailer pleads ignorance, should have been instantly picked up by someone somewhere before the deal went live.

Report Outside Links on eBayOn the listing for the Xploderz Face-Off paint ball style water guns there’s an off site link encouraging you to buy spare ammunition outside the safety of the eBay marketplace. Sadly it’s not even a great link as it goes to the retailers website home page instead of directly to a page where you could buy the spare ammo.

What’s even more stupid is that another of the weekly deals is for… you’ve guessed it… spare ammo for the Xploderz Face-Off from the same retailer. If only they’d taken the time to link to their own listings or even the weekly deals page.

The listing says that the Xploderz pistols are perfect in size for sneaky attacks, so maybe the cuplrit could be mugged in the office and splattered with Xploderz Face-Off water pellets until they’ve edited the auction and got rid of the offending link?