PayPal glitch still causing headaches for eBay Sellers

As many of you noted on Monday, there was a glitch yesterday morning that meant that buyers and sellers were not receiving notification that successful payments were being made to eBay sellers via Paypal.

This resulted in some sellers not knowing that they had been paid and some buyers making multiple payments. eBay have stressed that this was not a universal issue and not everyone was impacted (which will be cold comfort to those who were).

Even though the glitch has been resolved, sellers are still having to deal with the fall out and we’ve had quite a number of emails from frustrated eBay sellers. We’ve tried to get to the bottom of who was affected and what remedial efforts eBay Inc. are undertaking to make good on the problem.

PayPal have released this statement:

“For 3 hours on Monday morning UK time (approximately 7am to 9:45am), PayPal experienced a technical issue where a small proportion of customers made duplicate transactions when they did not receive a notification that their original payment went through. This issue has been resolved. All customers will be refunded for duplicate transactions as soon as possible. We are sincerely sorry that this happened to these customers and we will work with every one of them to put things right.”

So, what to do? The only completely accurate statement a seller will have of who has paid is your PayPal account so it will be worth double-checking there that everything is in order. It’s worth noting that even people who are using management software have been affected too.

Secondly, if you have refunded people people already keep a close eye on your account that PayPal don’t automatically refund them again leaving you out of pocket.

We’d be very interested to hear what your experiences have been with this glitch.