Mobile fuels strong 2012 results for eBay and PayPal

eBay has reported very strong fourth quarter 2012 results with the big story being that mobile has exceeded expectations and fuelled substantial growth for eBay marketplaces and also PayPal. In 2012, globally, PayPal processed $14bn of mobile payments and traded $13bn of goods using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

For the entire eBay Inc. group, revenues rose 18% year on year to $3.9bn. PayPal reported 24% growth year on year, delivering a TPV (total payments value) of $41.5bn globally ($19.9bn domestically in the US and $21.6bn internationally) which made eBay Inc. $1.5bn in revenue. PayPal continues to be a strong engine of growth for eBay Inc..

Marketplaces revenues grew steadily too, delivering revenues of $2bn, up 16% on the same period in 2011. The US domestic/International mix on revenues stayed roughly static with 59% coming from international sales.

Global active users on eBay rose 12% year on year to 112.3 million. BIN/Fixed price continues to advance over auctions too. In Q4 2012, BIN accounted for 68% of sales volume. eBay has now enjoyed 14 straight quarters of sales growth, and a 75% recovery on the stock price since John Donahoe became CEO in 2008.

You can check out the official release from eBay here.