eBay UK loses International Shipping Rates

Missing-Postage-RatesI came across an interesting eBay glitch today when talking to Mark Townsend, a seller of Monoprice 8320 Noise Isolating Earphones. It appears that a lot of his postage rates are missing for International Destinations.

I say “missing” but that’s not quite true, they’re simply not being displayed on eBay.co.uk, but if you view the very same item on eBay.com they magically appear. Also if you actually purchase a pair of the Earphones, when you come to pay the correct postage rates are displayed for every location you could ever wish to have them posted to.

In itself this is a bit of a minor glitch, however it’s causing some major headaches for Mark as potential customers contact him to ask just how much carriage will cost. Doubtless he’s also losing a number of sales from overseas customer who simply don’t bother buying because they don’t know the delivery costs.

It’s a partially random glitch as whilst some EU destinations such as Poland do display, many hundreds of others don’t. Mark has also experimented by adding additional International Postage options such as International Signed For, the new options do show up but the pre-existing options are still missing.

Have a check of your own listings and see if you can see postage for different destinations. Are you also missing out on sales because your customer don’t know what delivery will cost and are uncertain if you’re even willing to ship to them in the first place?

Shipping As seen in Spain18:40 25/1/13 Edited to add: You know how sometimes your day starts off bad and just carries on getting worse? That appears to be the case with the International shipping glitch. Now it appears that instead of simply not displaying the postage set by the seller, if you happen to be in Spain the postage is displayed as “Gratis”. IN case of any doubt Gratis does of course mean Free.

We’ve seen the same for items viewed from the US, and Turkey, Free Postage for items where the specified postage is set but simply doesn’t show. It’s one thing not to show postage, it’s quite another to tell buyers it’s free 🙁