eBay iPhone app upgraded with new selling flow

Good news for iPhone users, they’ve at last got access to the new eBay iPhone app listing options that Android eBay app users got back in December.

As well as an improved photo uploading with more editing tools, a snappier listing flow and faster checkout, iPhone users get the big enhancement, the ability to start a listing on an iPhone and complete it on a desktop. This also of course works the other way around, you can start a listing online from laptop or computer and then for instance add photos using you iPhone.

The other thing that iPhone users now have is what’s effectively access to RedLaser for the desktop. You can scan items such as DVDs one after the other using your iPhone and then complete the descriptions with your desktop computer with a full sized keyboard.

If you’ve got the eBay app on iPhone make sure you download the updates to get the new features. The dedicated eBay iPad app has also had the same update with the new features.