40% of British SMEs want to leave the EU

According to research published in the Daily Mail, 40% of British small business owners want to leave the European Union. The research by Close Brothers Finance claims to show increasing unhappiness among many business owners about continuing EU membership. Of the 40% who want to leave, 45% are concerned that struggling EU member states could bring the UK down with them. 39% say our economy would be better off.

Mike Randall of Close Brothers Asset Finance says: ‘When we joined the EEC 40 years ago we thought we were joining a large, prosperous nation but the benefits are being questioned. What is clear is that firms across the UK are seeking stability and reassurance that their best efforts to recover won’t be thwarted by a greater force.’

Of course, this means that 60% of small business owners either would like to stay in the EU or don’t have an opinion. That’s a fairly sizeable majority. The free movement of goods and services among the EU members free from tax and duty was cited as the number one advantage for small businesses in staying a part of the EU.