The empty box return scam

We often hear of complaints regarding buyers claiming that their goods haven’t arrived, and often sellers hold them entirely to blame. But is that the case?

I visited a large eBay seller last week and their courier dropped off a returned product, a rather expensive media player. The trouble is that the box had been neatly slit and all of the contents removed at some point in it’s journey.

This isn’t a dodgy customer, sadly this had to have been done whilst in the hands of the courier and of course it will be just about impossible to figure out on which part of the journey the item was removed. Obviously the retailer is going to ask for a full investigation, but at the end of the day it’s a £100.00 product which they’re unable to replace and is going to result in an unhappy customer, and in the short term at least a loss for the seller.

To be fair to all couriers this is a very rare occurrence which is very few and far between, it’s never happened to me personally, although I was at a friends warehouse one day when they received the old “brick in a box” return, although in that case it was some old electronics used to add some weight. In the case above whoever removed the media player didn’t even bother to replace it with something to add weight, all that came back was the empty cardboard outer.

What’s the worst “lost” item that’s ever happened to you this Christmas? Have you had similar experiences?