How to Skype on Windows 8 without merging accounts

Having foolishly decided to play with Windows 8 I’m starting to learn just how bad it is. Not only have Microsoft tried to port a mobile operating system onto a desktop, but they’ve also pretty much screwed up every application you might want to run.

Take Skype for example, I know a ton of people that run more than one Skype account. The chances are that you have a personal account and one you use for work. You might even have reason to share a work Skype account with colleagues for customer support – you sign in when you’re on duty and someone else takes over at the end of your shift.

Well not any more, at least not with Windows 8. To use Skype with Windows 8 Microsoft want you to merge your Skype account with your Microsoft Account. That means you can only merge one Skype account and if you wish to use another Skype ID you have to create another Windows Account and keep signing in and out of Windows.

There are a ton of complaints across the web about this, whilst Microsoft might think it’s a good idea users certainly don’t!

However there is a workaround, don’t use Skype for Windows 8, use Skype for Desktop. Microsoft won’t tell you that you can do this. It means using the Desktop which Windows 8 does it’s best to hide from view. It means you don’t have to link your Skype account to your Microsoft Account. You even get a Skype for Desktop icon on your Windows 8 home screen.

Windows 8 is the worst operating system (at least for a desktop) that Microsoft have launched since Windows NT and absolutely no one wanted to use that heap of junk! Has anyone found something good to say about Windows 8 on a desktop? If someone wants to convince me to carry on using it I’d love to know why I should.