Xiu.com and eBay launch joint effort in China

More information about eBay’s alliance with Xiu.com and latest bid for a share of China’s ever growing and already enormous ecommerce economy, has emerged. As Chris reported last week, eBay’s past forays in to China have not been auspicious.

eBay and Xiu.com are launching a new and localized online shopping site, called eBay Style that will apparently bring the best of eBay to Chinese consumers, with a concentration (no surprises here) on fashion.

What is perhaps most notable about the Xiu.com deal is that rather than just concentrating on getting sellers in China to vend cheap goods to western sellers, but China is increasingly being seen as a source of customers.

Melanie Tan of eBay said: “Today, Chinese consumers are increasingly coming to eBay and we have seen a 40% year on year increase of goods bought by Chinese consumers navigating eBay.com in English. We believe that in the future Chinese consumers will use eBay as a passport to global Fashion styles, especially for leading women’s brands and accessories, and menswear, because our broad selection of new, branded, and designer merchandise will be unmatched in China.”

You can read the full eBay release here.