Straw poll: How is your ecommerce Christmas season shaping up so far?

It’s called Black Friday for a reason. Stateside, it’s the day (the Friday after Thanksgiving) when many retailers move into profit, and the black, for the year as the holiday season starts with gusto.

In the UK, everything else is now out of the way too. Halloween, half term, Guy Fawkes and Remembrance Sunday are all past. It’s now downhill (ahem) to Christmas now.

And that’s why we ask the question: how is it all going? We would love to hear some views and perspectives on how the most brisk bit of ecommerce 2012 is progressing. There are plenty of reports that 2012 will be the most huge ecommerce Xmas ever. But equally, there are tales of austerity and restraint.

Retail sales were quite depressed in October and there are fears that may continue through the rest of the year as a possible triple dip recession looms. Another report says that people are so skint that they aren’t giving their swag to charity shops of late and are selling it on eBay themselves instead.

On a personal, and anecdotal, note I sense people are looking to have a less lavish Christmas in 2012 than they might otherwise have. Is that your experience?

As an ecommerce seller, at the very vanguard of the only sector looking forward to a bumper Christmas, we’d love your views on how it seems to be going so far.

Bonanza? Bumper? Brassic? Or too early to tell? Thank you for sharing.