Guess what? Twitter and Facebook don’t drive sales (much)

A report shows that social media such as Facebook and Twitter don’t do all that much when it comes to driving ecommerce sales. According to reseach by Sucharita Mulpuru at Forrester, fewer than 1% of online sales could be tracked back to a social media post.

Her report says: “Social tactics are not meaningful sales drivers. While the hype around social networks as a driver of influence in eCommerce continues to capture the attention of online executives, the truth is that social continues to struggle and registers as a barely negligible source of sales for either new or repeat buyers. In fact, fewer than 1% of transactions for both new and repeat
shoppers could be traced back to trackable social links.”

Paying for traffic via search engines such as Google does show results and email marketing draws returning customers. Check out the story and graphic (below) for more information.