eBay add Seller Notes to Item Condition

eBay have added a new “Seller Notes” section to the Item Condition attribute on eBay. You will need to edit all of your listings over time, and as a priority revise those listings where the Item Condition isn’t 100% perfect.

Seller Notes on view item page

This enable sellers to add additional information around the condition of the item you’re selling such as for example you can specify a new product and further specify it as “OEM White Box” or “Retail Packaged” further informing buyers of what they should expect to receive. This information is key as it appears right at the head of the page.

Seller Notes in description

The Seller Notes appear in various places dependent upon which version of the View Item page you’re seeing. If you’re seeing the newest version of eBay’s view item page then the Seller Notes box will also appear at the top of the Description section of the listing. This means you don’t have to duplicate the information in the description and if you currently do describe the condition there you should now move it to the new seller notes section.

Seller Notes in eBay Listing Flow

When you come to list your item you’ll find the “Seller Notes” is bizarrely renamed as “Condition Description”. I don’t know why eBay gave it an alternative attribute in the listing flow to that displayed on the listing. eBay specify that this field is purely for describing any defects, missing parts, scratches, or other wear and tear. It’s not to be used for any information other than that relating to the item’s condition or you’ll be in breach of eBay’s selling policies. This is not a box to spam customers with spurious offers or a replace for subtitles!

Impact for sellers

This is going to cause additional work for sellers, no question about it. It’s yet another box to fill in when you’re creating your listings and that’s going to be a pain no matter which listing tools you use.

However on the plus side if you’re listing the same product on a regular basis the huge advantage is that you’ll no longer have to edit the description each time you sell another with a slightly different blemish. Editing the Seller Notes will be sufficient.

I have no evidence (other than my own habits) but I believe more and more sellers are buying on eBay without ever reading your carefully crafted item descriptions. All of the information from large images with enormous zoom features, title, price, postage information, Item Specifics and now full Item Condition are all above the fold visible at the top of the page with no scrolling. Most of the time I feel no need to read seller’s descriptions so if there’s something I need to know about the condition of the item make sure you tell me in the new Seller Notes section.

You probably don’t like my blase dismissal of your description and as a seller I totally understand your frustration. The truth is though that buyer behaviour is changing and with 30% of buyers using mobile devices less and less buyers are actually reading descriptions. If you’re a canny seller you will start using the new Seller Notes box, and quite rightly you’ll also complain about a change like this going live to site right in the middle of Q4, the busiest time of the year, when you’ve the least amount of time to implement it.

Many thanks to both Lee and Mark who emailed Tamebay about this change