Are you losing out on Nectar Points by sniping?

There are a lot of people excited about Nectar points on eBay. Friends keep asking me if I’d seen that every time you buy on eBay you can gather points and I’m pretty sure that eBay themselves are also excited at a new way of ensuring buyer’s loyalty. All things being equal if you can buy on eBay or buy at the same price on an alternative site than a loyalty scheme could win the deal.

There might be a fly in the ointment for some buyers though. If you’re bidding on an auction there’s a good chance that you might use a sniping tool. What you may not be aware of is that the majority of sniping tools actually place bids via

Do you actually care how your favourite sniping tool works? Well you probably haven’t up until now, but we’ve just discovered that if your sniping tool is using the site you might be missing out on Nectar points. The eBay Nectar points terms say that you collect Nectar points every time you buy items on

If you want to collect your Nectar points on eBay you either need to bid directly on the eBay site, or if you’re going to use a sniper you need to make certain your sniper is placing the bid via eBay UK. Currently the only sniper we know of that uses the eBay UK site is the Goofbid eBay sniper.

What is a sniper

Sniping is placing bids during the last few seconds of an eBay auction. By bidding your maximum and bidding late you reduce the opportunity for someone else to increase their bid once they see you bid. Personally I find manual sniping to be great fun as you watch the clock tick down and try to time your bid to be in the last few seconds. However if you don’t want to be glued to your computer screen then there are several automatic sniping services such as Goofbid who will automatically place your bid for you, even if your computer is switched off.