New Rakuten Marketplace on

At the Rakuten Expo the new Rakuten Marketplace model was unveiled. Coming to are Rakuten Marketplace storefronts and a ton of support to help merchants succeed.

Launching the Rakuten Marketplace shops will give retailers their own home on Listings in a merchants store will be searchable on, but retailers are free to brand their store and promote it using a merchant tool box to customers on

What’s interesting with is the support they have in place, Adam Stewart, Director of Marketing emphasised today at the Rakuten Expo that they’re looking for a “merchant centric partnership” with a “win, win, win” relationship. If merchants are getting sales and consumers are getting great deals then Rakuten will also win. won’t leave you to open an account and cross your fingers that the sales will roll in. They have a team of ECCs (Ecommerce Consultants) ready to not only to help you set your business up, but also to help you grow. They’re eager to look at your metrics and make suggestions as to how you can be more successful on

Mikitani Hiroshi, the CEO of Rakuten, having grown Rakuten to the number one marketplace in Japan has long been eyeing up Europe for expansion. He’s been looking at building a global network for ecommerce and to that end has for many years has mandated that English is used for all internal communications.

Tradoria, an acquisition in Germany is now fully branded as, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see the brand name disappear in a few years. Rakuten are serious about partnering with UK retailers to build a world class marketplace for the UK and the announcements today are just the start.

If you’re interested in getting started on the Rakuten Marketplace on then email them at They promise to be in touch within one working day to help you get started.