HMV open third party retailer marketplace

HMV are set to launch an HMV Marketplace for third party sellers in the New Year. According to Retail Week they’re soft launching the marketplace and hoping to have 10 retail partners within weeks, with the first being DVD Gaming.

HMV say they’re going to start slowly to ensure test full functionality and ensure that everything works before launching next year with a wide range of partners. The aim is to expand their existing core offering and offer a greater choice of product to their customers.

The big question of course is will HMV succeed. How can they stack up against the likes of Amazon, and eBay? Whilst ten, or maybe as little as five, years ago HMV probably had a customer base who had never logged onto one of the major marketplaces, every 16 year old kid that’s into music and/or gaming has heard of and been browsing eBay and Amazon too.

Of course as a third party retailer it’s an attractive proposition so long as you can upload your inventory with little or no effort. You supply the stock and let HMV sit back and market it for you, if HMV succeed then so do you and if they don’t it’s probably stock you already have listed on other marketplaces, or stock that you intended to drop ship anyway.

We’ll watch this one with interest, HMV is one of the last survivors of it’s ilk on the High Street. Is it time for them to transform themselves into an ecommerce marketplace or is it too little too late?