Free Cross border listings start in November

Tomorrow marks a big day for eBay and for UK sellers. It’s the start of November which marks the month in which eBay Anchor shop owners can start selling across Europe with free insertion fees from their UK eBay account.

Sites you’ll be able to list on are Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium ( and, Poland, Switzerland and Ireland. In addition to the European sites UK sellers will also be able to list on eBay Australia for free and for just $0.03 per listing (matching the lowest price a US seller can access).

An Anchor shop isn’t cheap at £349.99 per month, but the savings are huge in comparison to the monthly fee making it a bargain. We’ve figured out that if you have as few as 100 products and wish to have 100 fixed price listings on eBay Australia, then that justifies upgrading from a Featured Shop to an Anchor shop on it’s own. If you then list on all 10 EU sites, the cost savings are massive. Plus you can then access the fixed price listings on for just $0.03 per listing.

eSellerPro are hosting two webinars to help you understand the changes, tomorrow on the 1st of November at 11am Introducing Cross Border Trade and the second on the 6th of November again at 11am for those already Cross Border selling if you want to expand and uplift your sales.

Mark the dates in your diary and book early to reserve a spot as places are limited. There’ll be cross border trade experts from eBay and eSellerPro on board to answer any questions you have.