eBay.com to roll out new Top Rated Plus badge

eBay will be rolling out a new Top Rated Plus seal on the US site starting from the week of the 12th of November. To qualify sellers will need to be Top Rated and additionally to offer 14-day returns with a money-back option and 1-day handling in their shipping preferences.

What many eBay.com sellers probably haven’t realised, is that when the new Top Rated Plus seal appears in November, the current Top Rated seller badge will be retired and will no longer be used in any category except Motors Vehicles, although Top Rated sellers will continue to receive recognition on the Feedback profile page.

If you’re a Top Rated seller using eBay.com then there’s still time to revise your listings to add in the requisite returns and 1-day shipping requirements to qualify for the new logo. Whilst not everyone can cope with 1-day shipping it’s not a lot to ask of most sellers, what’s likely to hurt US sellers more is the returns requirement.

Unlike within the EU where no question returns are mandated by law it’s not the same in the US and many sellers won’t currently be offering returns to their buyers. This is eBay’s way of dragging up the service sellers offer eBay buyers and instill confidence in the transaction.

We’ve long thought on Tamebay that eBay have gone about as far as they can with using feedback and detailed seller ratings as a means to increase the standard of service that sellers offer. Now it would appear that if you want your listings to be promoted in search service will be the key moving forward.