50,000 Free listings for BUSINESS Sellers

Yes you did read that title correctly, it’s free listing AND it’s for business sellers on eBay UK. The promotion runs between the 22nd and the 26th October for new 30 day or Good til Cancelled listings for business sellers with a basic or featured eBay shop (If you’ve got an Anchor shop you already have free listings).

Business sellers will automatically receive zero Insertion Fees when you create new listings on ebay (Thankfully with pro listing tools such as Sell Your Item Form, eBay Seller Tools, eBay Mobile apps and most third-party tools), for up to 50,000 listings with a start price of 99p or more.

There are a few exclusions such as listing motors and property, but so long as your account’s seller performance is not below standard you’re good to go. Also make sure you don’t fall foul of the duplicate listing policy. The promotion is for NEW listings, you won’t get free listings if your existing listings simply renew during the promotion period. If you’ve got inventory not currently on eBay this promotion period is the time to get the listed.

I’ve heard lots of complaints about free listing days enabling private sellers to flood the site with free listings. I’ve heard lots of complaints about the US getting a ton of free listings and the UK only giving it’s sellers 100 free listings. All I can say is fill yer boots, eBay have given you what you asked for. Unless you’ve got more than 50,000 products (more if you use multi-variation listings) then list the lot for free!

This is going to be an interesting month… I can’t wait to see how it affects sales and if you’re the first person to run out of free listings because you have more than 50,000 to fling up please do feel free to come back and complain vociferously on Tamebay.