Replica Olympic medals on Amazon & eBay

If you’re thinking of buying London 2012 Olympic Games replica Gold, Silver or Bronze medals I’d think twice before parting with your money. With prices ranging from a couple of pounds for what’s obviously not an official medal but happens to have the word London on it, right up to replica Olympic medals costing £120 per set you’ll find plenty of choice on both eBay and Amazon.

Some are described as “Ideal For Olympic Theme School Parties” and although infringing on the Olympic trademarks are very obviously not authentic replicas. However those described as “Replica London 2012 Olympic Medal” are a little more misleading, especially those with Olympic branded ribbons which are selling for around £120.00 per set.

The official medals are the largest ever made for an Olympics, at 85mm diameter. The gold medal is made from 92.5% silver, just 1.34% gold and copper with the raw materials valued at around £400. To make the silver medal it would cost about £200 for the 92.5% silver and copper needed but the bronze medal manufactured from 97% copper, 2.5% zinc and 0.5% tin would cost less than a fiver for the raw materials.

I spoke to LOCOG this morning to ask if there were any official replica medals available for purchase. They told me that they can’t comment on what’s for sale on Amazon or eBay, but that official replica merchandise is available in London 2012 online shop. I couldn’t find any replica Olympic medals available in their shop, nor on the Royal Mint website.

The best advice is if you’re intending to spend serious amounts of money on souvenirs is make sure you know exactly what you’re buying and assume it’s going to be worthless compared to what you pay. If you’re thinking of selling items make sure that they do not infringe the Olympic trademarks.