Shopping at the eBay Christmas Boutique

This afternoon, I popped into eBay’s Christmas Boutique on Dean Street in London’s Soho. It will be open from the 1st to the 5th December and if you are in the vicinity then do pop by and see what’s going on because it’s cute. But I do expect it to be packed.

So what’s the deal? eBay are essentially showcasing goods from eBay in a real life shop. All the gift ideas have QR barcodes and you can use your phone (or one of the big HTC tablets) to scan that and examine the item on eBay and presumably buy it there and then.

The selection of goods is Daily Deals in the flesh. All the usual stuff from the usual sellers. They were a bit cagey about how many sellers were represented and how they were chosen, but the chances are that you aren’t in the shop. I spotted JJB Sports, Zavvi Outlet, Office, Littlewoods Clearance and eBuyer Express amongst others.

But this is great PR. Putting eBay front and centre in advance of the busiest weekend of the ecommerce year is exactly what they should do and this was grabbing the media attention.

eBay execs in charge of Fashion and Mobile (who rushed off before your intrepid Tamebay reporter could ask any questions!) were being interviewed, filmed and snapped by plenty of hacks. And outside it was genuinely creating a buzz: people were interested and wanted to go in only to be stopped by a heavy. As a bit of publicity froth (and let’s not knock that) this is a triumph. But it’s nothing more substantial than that.