RSS eBay feedback monitoring

TameBay readers are always resourceful and one pointed me to a neat feedback tool this week. It’s basically a feedback tool to enable you to be notified by an RSS feed whenever someone leaves feedback for you.

“One tool I have been using for the past 4 month which is wicked is this Yahoo Pipe. This allows me to monitor via RSS feed my positive neutral and negative feedback on a drop down on my browser. Useful for eTRS and general monitoring of your status. I can also access this information on the go with my Blackberry RSS feed syndicator”.

The tool is a Yahoo! Pipe, which are tools to allow you to aggregate, manipulate, and mashup content from around the web. This tool has been set up to monitor feedback simply by entering an eBay User ID and eBay site.

What you can also do with this tool is monitor a competitors feedback via RSS. If you want to know how much feedback your competition is receiving and want to monitor multiple competitors accounts you can set them all up as RSS feeds in your RSS reader. From then on, whenever any of those competitors is left feedback, you’ll be notified of it in your RSS reader.