Glitch: eBay hosted pictures not being displayed

eBay are having problems with gallery pictures not being displayed. In some instances you can see the gallery picture but not on the listing. In other cases where you have multiple images in the eBay hosted pictures some but not all are being displayed.

In other instances the gallery image is being displayed, both in search and on the view item page, but the thumbnail is missing. In other instances even if the gallery image is shown in search it may not be visible on the view item page.

If you spot missing images in your own eBay listings don’t try to fix them at the present moment in time. eBay are aware of the issue and are working to resolve the glitch, although currently we don’t have an estimate as to how long it will take to correct the errors.

You are also likely to get a warning when listing new items on the site that there is a problem with your gallery images. Whether this is likely to be permanent or if it will be fixed when the site glitch is mended we don’t currently know.