80 Character titles now live on eBay

eBay have released the promised update giving you space to write better item titles. The previous limit of 55 characters for your eBay item titles has been increased to 80 characters.

How to write effective item titles

  • Make sure your title accurately describes the item. Keyword spamming and misleading titles are against eBay’s search and manipulation policy
  • Think like a buyer – use the words a buyer would use to search for your item.
  • Include terms to describe the item that are consistent with the market and which will be familiar to buyers. (Using different terms can actually prevent buyers from seeing your item.)
  • Add keywords that highlight what’s unique about your listing.
  • Don’t use all capital letters – it’s hard to read.
  • Don’t include multiple synonyms – for example ‘ipad I pad 32gb 32 GB’ – they make it hard for the buyer to read.
  • Don’t use special characters and gimmicks – for example ‘L@@K!!’ as buyers don’t use these terms in searches and it makes your title less readable and relevant.
  • There’s no need for punctuation. It makes it harder for the reader to scan.

One thing to remember for your item titles – Dont’ forget to use Item Specifics and if available list your item against eBay’s catalogue as this will have just as much (if not more) effect in buyers finding your item as a great title. Regardless of how long your title is Best Match will still decide how relevant your item is and the most important part of Best Match is Recent Sales.

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Titles are only part of Best Match and including spammy non-relevant keywords could actually harm your visibility in search rather than enhancing it.

However sellers have been asking for more space to describe there items in description titles for many years so make the most of it. Include keywords such as EAN or UPC codes, Manufacture part numbers. Use alternative keywords such as “Monochrome Black Printer” instead of just “Monochrome Printer”, “Mono Printer”, “Black Printer”.

I can’t imagine many sellers will have objections to this site update, so if eBay has (for a change) made a change which pleases you let us know in comments below 😀