Top level domain “.eBay” to be available in 2012

This week a decision was made which will change the Internet as we know it. Up until now there have only been 22 of what are called Top Level Domains, but in the future there will be unlimited choice only restricted by affordability.

A Top Level Domain is the last part of a URL, like “.com”, “.net” and “.org”. ICAAN, the body which coordinates the Internet’s naming system, has voted to allow anyone to set up their own Top Level Domain. All you need is enough cash and to demonstrate that you have the finances and technical infrastructure to run your part of the Internet.

Costs start at $185,000 just to apply for a name when they go on sale in 2012. That’s just the start though, any questions about your application will set you back at least another $50,000 and if someone else wants the same domain then it could go to auction where the sky’s the limit on costs.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see eBay buy the “.eBay” domain though, they have the finances and they have the technical infrastructure. In the future eBay microsites could be hosted on their own domain so for example instead of “” we could simply type in “charity.eBay“.

Of course eBay would probably have to buy “.bay” as well to prevent companies setting up “www.e.bay” and a host of similar sites. Once the number of domains are limitless it introduces an infinite number of variations and companies are likely to want to protect their trademarks.

Which Top Level Domains would you like to see and would you buy a new URL for your website if it became available?