Pizza Express launch in-restaurant mobile payment system with PayPal

PayPal announced a world first today, the ability to use PayPal via a smartphone to pay for pizza in restaurants. This is the first time that an online payment method has been made available in an entire chain of retail outlets across the whole country.

Pizza Express have launched a new iPhone app that, amongst other things, gives customers the option to pay their bill automatically via their Smartphone. The new app also enables customers to find and book a restaurant table, view menus, and store special offer codes and receipts, all via the touch of their iPhone.

The launch will be supported by a company-wide roll-out of free WiFi via The Cloud and revolutionary new electronic point of sale facilities that will enable a seamless transition to the new payment system for customers. The only thing you can’t do with the PizzaExpress app is pay via eCheque – You’ll need to have funds in your PayPal account or a funding source such as a credit card.

PizzaExpress’ new payment option is set to take the stress out of waiting to pay the bill. It spells the end of trying to attract a waiter when you’re ready to pay and leave, as once you’ve paid with your smartphone you get an electronic receipt and the restaurant tills are automatically updated with your payment.

Over a million UK PayPal customers have made a payment on their handset so combining our payments experience with PizzaExpress’s ground breaking app should be a perfect combination. The line between the high street and the online world is blurring, and innovative brands like PizzaExpress recognise that payment by mobile makes a great service even better.”
Cameron McLean, General Manager, Merchant Services at PayPal

The new PizzaExpress iPhone app, available from 16th June, is free to download from the Apple app store and can be used in its 370 UK restaurants across the country. The app marks a sea change in payment methods for the retail industry and takes PayPal online payments onto the high street for the first time.

Now online payments have hit the high street the only question that remains is which retailer will be next to adopt PayPal for instore payments. How long will it before before you can pay for your weekly shopping in Tesco with your smartphone?