Checkout by Amazon now available for UK websites

UK webstore owners have a new payment option to offer to their customers. Checkout by Amazon has now launched in the UK. Retailers can sign up to offer shoppers payment with their Amazon log on credentials by signing up at Amazon Payments.

There are very few payment methods I recommend to retailers, PayPal is an obvious choice and it’s essential that all websites accept direct card payments. For those without a merchant account this can also be handled with your PayPal account with PayPal Website Payments Pro.

Many of the alternative solutions have yet to attract widespread adoption from consumers. Even with the resources of Google behind it Google Checkout has yet to become widely used when other choices are offered.

Checkout by Amazon however has the potential to be huge for retailers. With the number of customers already purchasing on Amazon to be able to pay as easily as with a PayPal account is an attractive option. For many customers paying with either PayPal or Amazon adds reassurance that they don’t have to expose their debit or credit card details to a company they may never have heard of before.

There are already a few companies offering Checkout by Amazon including The Watch Hut.

Fees for using Checkout by Amazon are comparable to PayPal with a 20p per transaction charge plus a percentage of the transaction value, starting at 3.4% for up to £1500 processed per month. The fees drop in tranches to 20p plus 1.4% for those processing over £55,000 per month.

Will you consider adding Amazon Payments as an option on your website? What would be your reason for offering (or choosing not to offer) Amazon’s checkout offering to your customers as an addition to the payment options you already provide?