Additional PayPal verification requirements

If you’re running a business and use PayPal it’s likely that they’ll be contacting you to request further business and personal information. This could include amongst others: photo id; proof of address (e.g. bank statements, utility bills); proof of your company status and directors; audited accounts.

Until you provide the updated information (you have six months to do so) your PayPal account will be restricted. In reality that means you can do everything except close your account.

PayPal say that they are requesting the information to comply with laws for the prevention of money laundering. The laws require them to confirm the identity and authorisation of persons who have access to your account.

Just to make life difficult they can’t accept documents by email, but you can either fax them or upload them through the resolution center in your PayPal account.

The email details the documentation that they need (in my case: Passport; City of Residence; Legal entity Status) along with a fax number to send the documents to. Sadly the email resembles a phishing attempt and ended up in my spam filters. However you will get confirmation that the email is genuine, next time you log into your PayPal account.

It’s time PayPal stopped requesting important information by email and if they feel that they have to email users then it should simply read “Please log into your PayPal account to see an important message”. Sadly logging into my account doesn’t specify the documentation required and the only place it’s fully detailed is in the email.

One final piece of fun – PayPal have requested a copy of either my “Passport, Driving Licence or National Identity Card” but also state that they must be dated within the last six months! Sorry PayPal but my passport is four years old and they only issue me a new one once every 10 years!